– an actor changes costume –
a photo exhibition by Marc Haers & Fabian Claes Jansen

After 15 years of acting with the body he wore, actor & director Fabian Claes Jansen is saying goodbye to his beloved costume.

During his acting career Fabian was always pushing the boundaries of his corpulent body. From playing physical solo-performances, to leading parts in ensemble plays of Shakespeare, from dancing modern dances, day long improvisation performances, next to directing, producing and teaching, to all the “lonely losers” he lent his body to.

It was no secret, directors loved his looks, not being the average actor. He was never ashamed of his shape, loved the way he looked, but his costume started to malfunction. Getting more and more tired every single day and creating this terrible sleeping disorder called Sleep Apnea.

Of course he did take care of himself, but what he (and his directors) wanted of his costume was too much to ask. In the summer of 2017 he collapsed.  Together with his family, friends and doctors he searched for solutions to keep this body healthy. But in the end, with pain in his heart, he had to decide he had to say goodbye to this beloved body. He had to change costume and so he did.

He asked the young and most talented photographer Marc Haers, whom he highly admires, to collaborate in making this hommage to his body.

What you see in this exhibition is the first result of their collaboration.
There is more to come.